2021 Category 1 (State & National Level) Competitions

You MUST have already paid your 2021 Club/School Membership and Upgrade to either Junior ,or Senior, Affiliation to use this Portal.

Fencing Victoria is thrilled to be partnering with Kayo to live broadcast our open events in 2021! – Please Note this means Pre AFC#3 Open State Competitions will be filmed and broadcast

Due to Kayo Broadcast of Pre-AFC#3, Entry requirements into this competition include:
1. Must have entries in 1 week before the competition (13th of August) – no late entries after this time will be accepted.
2. You must have statistics and photos done by Geoff Webber to compete, These must be done by the competition cut-off date – the 13th of August
3. If you have entered into the competition and you are late, or you do not turn up, you will be penalised- you will not be able to compete and you will not be refunded.


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State Level Competitions

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International/Interstate Fencers – (Click)

If you have any problems using the Portal, or questions about State Epee Squad or Courses, please contact operations@fencingvictoria.org

If you require information about Competitions please contact Competitions@fencingvictoria.org  or for Eligibility go to – https://fencingvictoria.org.au/eligibility/
2021 Club/School Membership and Upgrades, can be paid via the following link – https://fencingvictoria.org.au/online-affiliation-2020-fv-membership/

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Category 1 Competitions Portal. Entry for State & Interstate Fencers

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