Annual Club Affiliation/Star Assessment

All fencing clubs in Victoria are required to affiliate each year for their fencers to compete and for them to attend any relevant training courses and camps.

This requires the completion of a governance process (questionnaires appear below), based on what type of entity you are:

Incorporated Association: registered with Consumer Affairs as an Incorporated Association;
Corporation: registered with ASIC as a Corporation;
Unincorporated Association: neither of the above (e.g. part of a University Sports or Community Centre)

Club Affiliation can only be done online – Click Here  It must be done by a member of the Executive (or their representative), using their personal username and password.

Once affiliated, a Club can be assessed to see what Star Level it has achieved. This is done on the basis of a questionnaire (see below also) and an audit or onsite assessment.

Online Member Affiliation 2022

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