Next Refereeing Seminar: Next Session 22nd Oct. 5-6pm “Bring your Hits”

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Refereeing Seminars: Open to all. Please contact Victoria at for more information.

Two refereeing seminars remain in the “Bring Your Hits’ sessions.” Each person has to bring one or two hits (or more!) to the seminar which you want explained. If you have ever been watching a bout and haven’t understood the referees call, save the YouTube link and time of the hit and send it to me (I will do the editing of the hits) and I will put them up on lark for everyone to view beforehand. Please send the link and time stamp to me at least 1 week before the seminar (if not earlier) so I can sort out any technical difficulties.

The “bring your own hit” refereeing sessions will be held on Thursday’s from 5-6pm on the following dates:
Sabre seminar: 22nd October (send videos in by the 15th October)
Foil seminar: 5th November (send videos in by the 29th October)

Please let me know if you have any questions or queries –



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