The New FV Board & A Message From Your New President

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Fencing Victoria Inc.

At the 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on the 26th May 2021 Fencing Victoria held an election for five vacancies on its Board.

The FV Directors who are continuing their two year appointment are:

1. Carol Bond – Dragons Fencing Club – (Treasurer)

2. Graeme Orrman – Victorian Fencing Academy – (Club Liaison and Member Protection)

3. Lydia Mentor – Cross Swords – (Volunteers)

4. Tim O’Loan – Victorian Fencing Academy – (Infrastructure)

The following were FV Directors during 2019-2021 and were re-elected:

1. Emily Marotta – Cross Swords – (Communications)

2. Norbert Riedl – Dragons Fencing Club – (Vice President and Grants)

The following were elected as FV Directors:

1. Jeremy Shelley – Olympia Fencing Club

2. Krista Thomas – Geelong Fencing Club

3. Jeremy Drossinis – VRI

All re-elected and new appointments are for a period of two years.

As there were a maximum of five vacant positions and five candidates all candidates were appointed.

Following the AGM, the Board met to elect the President, Vice President and proscribed positions and to assign specific areas of responsibilities to the members. The following is an overview of the assigned roles:

(Please note that several of the areas of responsibility will overlap and need to be fluid at times so changes may take place as required).

The positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director of Communications have some clear responsibilities as proscribed in the Rules For Fencing Victoria Incorporated.

1. President – Norbert Riedl (will also continue with Grants)

2. Vice President – Graeme Orrman (will also continue with Club Liaison and Member Protection).

3. Secretary – Jeremy Shelley

4. Treasurer – Carol Bond

5. Director of Communications – Emily Marotta

6. Tim O’Loan will continue with Infrastructure planning.

7. Lydia Mentor and Krista Thomas will take responsibility for Volunteers.

8. Jeremy Drossinis will provide advice and assistance on technical developments (part of infrastructure and venue logistics for competitions).

In addition to the FV Board there are a number of persons who are both in volunteer and paid roles and who play an important part to keep FV operating and progressing.

An overview of some of these key roles and the persons carrying them out will be provided in the near future.

I wish to thank the persons who nominated me for election to the board and the fellow board members who elected me as the President of Fencing Victoria.

I believe we have an excellent board, representing several clubs and who have a diverse set of professional skills and fencing experience. I look forward to serving with them to build on the excellent work that the previous boards and key staff, under the leadership of Kayt Spano, have achieved.

We look forward to an exciting and successful year of fencing.

Yours sincerely

Norbert Riedl

President, Fencing Victoria Inc.

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