Re-scheduling of National Junior Championships and AYC 1

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Due to current circumstances, the AFF have rescheduled both the Australian Junior Championships and Australian Youth Circuit # 1. – AFF Link

The Australian Junior Championships has been re-scheduled for May 28/29 to be held in Melbourne.

Australian Youth Circuit # 1 has been reschedule for March 12/13 to be held in Sydney, and will now also involve a special team’s event. A further announcement regarding AYC is to follow. As a result of this, AYC 3 will now be hosted in Melbourne on August 13/14.

You can see all the changes to scheduling here.

Australian Youth Circuit (AYC) 1 Now in Sydney

Registrations open:  January 29, 2022

Standard registrations close:  February 26, 2022

Australian Youth Circuit (AYC) 1 –

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