Vale Christian de Uray

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It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of the passing of Christian de Uray, an integral member of our Geelong Fencing Club family. Christian passed away on 15th January 2022.

Christian started fencing as a student in the early 80’s and continued to compete at State level and be an active member of the Geelong Fencing Club. In 1998 Christian started coaching alongside Neil and has been a pivotal mentor to many hundreds of young fencers over the past 25 years. Christian could always be relied on to offer a welcoming smile and good advice, and he reliably turned up week after week to give his time, energy and good humour to support and encourage other members of the GFC family. His encouragement and coaching of new and existing fencers has had an impact Australia wide, as fencers came and left the club to go onwards and upwards.

Christian’s kind heart and generous personality will be greatly missed, and it will be difficult for club members to turn up and not see his familiar face, laugh at his jokes or have a chat on a wide range of subjects. Christian was someone that never had a bad word to say of anyone and always gave every fencer time; sometimes that was a lesson in fencing, sometimes it was advice as he walked past you and sometimes it was a general conversation at the end of training to see how you were going. He was always there and, typical of Christian, allowed others to shine whilst remaining in the background, leaving us with very few photos of him. He also made friends and family of the fencers feel welcome and could often be found (coffee in hand) chatting on the sidelines, but always had an eye on what was happening on the piste and offered constructive feedback after the bout. The Geelong Fencing Club is more like an extended family, and Christian was an important part of making it feel that way with his ability to find something in common with all of us.

Our thoughts are with Christian’s family, and Neil who has spent the past 25 years with Christian and formed a brotherly bond with his coaching partner and friend.

Funeral arrangements will be posted as they are known, and all comments and any photographs of Christian would be appreciated and forwarded onto Christian’s family.




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