2022 Club Challenge – All Age Groups Spread Over 5 Days – New Date For Veterans

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The following information outlines the events, rules, points system, and equipment requirements for the 2022 Club Challenge events.

Please Note below the New Date for Veteran State Championships – Veteran Championships are now on Saturday 15th October

The Club Challenge is Fencing Victoria’s largest and most prestigious multi-event championship, where points from multiple competitions, age groups, and categories, are combined to determine the Club Challenge Champion for the year. These events provide a fantastic opportunity for fencers to compete for the first time, to foster a sense of club spirit by cheering on friends and clubmates, and to engage in friendly inter-club rivalry. 
These events are always a highlight of the calendar, and the 2022 Club Challenge is set to be the biggest yet!
Registration for Events will open early August.
Club Challenge Competitions:
The 2022 Club Challenge will comprise 5 events, taking place over 3 weeks, and 5 separate days of competition. The following competitions and categories will be counted towards the overall 2022 Club Challenge points tally:
Events Category
25-Sept Novice Jnr/ Novice Snr/B-Grade –  (Club Challenge Event) Novice/B-Grade & Veteran
9-Oct FV Club Challenge (Part 1 ) U11/U15/U20
14-Oct Pre-AFC#4 Open Foil & Sabre – (Club Challenge Event) Open
15-Oct Pre-AFC#4 Open Epee & Veteran State Championships (replaces Squad) – (Club Challenge Event) Open
16-Oct FV Club Challenge (Part 2) U9/U13/U17
As you can see, there will be many opportunities for fencers to contribute points towards their overall club tally. Further, in the interests of providing even more opportunities for fencers to participate, the 2022 Club Challenge includes Novice Junior, Novice Senior, and B-Grade categories for the first time! 
As such, fencers from the following categories can compete on the specified dates:
Category Competition Date Equipment Requirements 
Under 9 FV Club Challenge (Part 2) 16 October  Category 2
Under 11 FV Club Challenge (Part 1) 9 October  Category 2
Under 13 FV Club Challenge (Part 2) 16 October  Category 2
Under 15 FV Club Challenge (Part 1) 9 October  Category 2
Under 17 FV Club Challenge (Part 2) 16 October  Category 2
Under 20 FV Club Challenge (Part 1) 9 October  Category 2
Open Foil & Sabre Pre-AFC#4 Open 14 October  Category 1
Open Epee Pre-AFC#4 Open 15 October Category 1
Novice Junior Novice State Championships  25 September Category 2
Novice Senior Novice State Championships 25 September Category 2
B-Grade B-Grade State Championships 25 September Category 2
Veteran Veteran State Championships 15 October Category 2
There will be opportunities for fencers of all ages, abilities, and experience levels to compete, and contribute points towards their club and the overall points. Fencers are not limited to competing in only one event, or in only one category on one day. The only limitations are that fencers cannot enter multiple events that run concurrently. 
With the exception of the Open competitions on 14 and 15 October, all events are Category 2, meaning they do not require FIE standard equipment. This makes the competitions suitable for beginners, or those without FIE equipment, and is designed to afford the opportunity to more fencers to participate in the event. 
Club Challenge Points:
All fencers will earn points for their club, regardless of where they finish in an individual event. The points are distributed as follows:
Finishing Position Points
1st  32
2nd  26
3rd (and 4th) 20
5th – 8th  14
9th – 16th  8
17th – 32nd  4
33rd – 64th  2
65th – 96th  1
97th + 0.5
The points system reflects the allocations used by the FIE for international rankings points. However, when adapted to the Club Challenge, it is possible to interpret how having more fencers in the competition benefits your club. After all, four fencers finishing in the Top 16 is equivalent to a 1st place in terms of points. 
Repeating what was stated above, all fencers will earn points for their club in all events in which they enter. Fencers are not limited to one event or age category.
At the conclusion of the Club Challenge, the total points will be calculated, and the overall winners will be announced. If you want to hear the results as they are announced, make sure that you are there at the end of the competition on 16 October, where they will be presented at the end of the day. 
Club Challenge 2021 Results:
Finally, below are the results from the 2021 Club Challenge. Use these either as motivation to improve your club‘s ranking this year, or to defend its position!
Position Club Points
1st  Blacklords Fencing Club 1114
2nd  VRI Fencing Club 566
3rd  Whitehorse Chevaliers Fencing Club 476
4th  Tizona Fencing Club 464
5th  Victorian Fencing Academy 296
6th  Geelong Fencing Club 244
7th  Melbourne University Fencing Club 176
8th  Sword Fighters Australia Club 166
=9th  CrossXSwords 130
=9th  Dragons Fencing Club 130
11th  Fioretto Fencing Club 68
12th  Rogue Fencing Melbourne 48
=13th  Melbourne Fencing Centre 22
=13th  Monash University Fencing Club 22
It is not long until the Club Challenge Events are set to start, so Fencing Victoria strongly encourages all Fencers, Parents, Coaches, and Club Administrators to start planning for these events, and encouraging their all those in their clubs to participate. The more fencers from a club, the better they will do in the overall standings!
Please keep attentive to future announcements indicating when these events are open for registration, as well as any additional announcements in relation to these events. 
Should you have any questions related to the 2022 Club Challenge, please do not hesitate to contact our Operations Manager, Robyn, at operations@fencingvictoria.org, or myself – Jasper, at dt@fencingvictoria.org.
We look forward to seeing you all there at the 2022 Club Challenge!

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