U9/U11/U20 State Championships, 21st August

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U11 Foil – 7:45 AM rollcall for 8:00 AM start
U20 Epee – 8:00 AM rollcall for 8:15 AM start
U9 Epee – 8:15 AM rollcall for 8:30 AM start
U11 Sabre – 8:45 AM rollcall for 9:00 AM start
U9 Foil – 12:45 PM rollcall for 1:00 PM start
U11 Epee – 1:00 PM rollcall for 1:15 PM start
U20 Foil – 1:15 PM rollcall for 1:30 PM start
U9 Sabre – 1:30 PM rollcall for 1:45 PM start
U20 Sabre – 1:45 PM rollcall for 2:00 PM start


State Fencing Centre
1st Floor, 204-206 Arden Street
Nth Melbourne, Victoria 3051 Australia 
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Registration Links

U9 Epee https://account.fencing.assemblesports.io/finder?entityId=52&productId=9bLjKNj4qL9qbq4F5 [account.fencing.assemblesports.io]
U11 Epee https://account.fencing.assemblesports.io/finder?entityId=52&productId=nUftzmb3uqvUEZ3OE [account.fencing.assemblesports.io]
U20 Epee https://account.fencing.assemblesports.io/finder?entityId=52&productId=6YWJ9rWZTIulY8-d4 [account.fencing.assemblesports.io]
U9 Foil https://account.fencing.assemblesports.io/finder?entityId=52&productId=AUGR9WoxW40PhBPNb [account.fencing.assemblesports.io]
U11 Foil https://account.fencing.assemblesports.io/finder?entityId=52&productId=WFfy0tbsEia9LS3x4 [account.fencing.assemblesports.io]
U20 Foil https://account.fencing.assemblesports.io/finder?entityId=52&productId=1MMbCxLQ5xoeay1V7 [account.fencing.assemblesports.io]
U9 Sabre https://account.fencing.assemblesports.io/finder?entityId=52&productId=R0ji8O8nzXFYIJq1i [account.fencing.assemblesports.io]
U11 Sabre https://account.fencing.assemblesports.io/finder?entityId=52&productId=KbQdc98pF3DGJnC_N [account.fencing.assemblesports.io]
U20 Sabre https://account.fencing.assemblesports.io/finder?entityId=52&productId=whLwJ4Nl9GHI00nWK [account.fencing.assemblesports.io]

FV Competition Clothing Requirements

U15 & U17 Category 1 Competitions: FIE 800Nm Fencing Jacket, 800Nm Underplastron, 800Nm Fencing Breeches; long socks (at least to the knee, and pulled up), glove (At Sabre – FIE 800N glove) ; FIE Approved mask; Plastic chest protector/breast protectors (women only). See Table below for Category 1 Competition.

U13 Category 2 Competitions: Minimum 350N Jacket and 350N Underplastron, sturdy tracksuit pants or other long pants may be worn instead of fencing breeches.  No shorts or 3/4 length pants are allowed and NO leggings. Long socks are required and must be pulled up.  Minimum 350N mask. If a Leon Paul “velcro” type mask is used, the secondary security strap MUST be attached and used correctly. The basic premise is that there should be no bare skin apart from the non-weapon hand and sturdy protection is to be provided by clothing.

For all Equipment Requirement go to – https://fencingvictoria.org.au/equipment-reqts/

New Registration System

To use the new system to register for a Competition or Membership, use the link below, enter you email address and select forgot Password.  Make sure the email address you use to log in with, is the same email address you are using in the current GameDay system, as all details are linked under that email address.  You will then be able to set a password for the new system and go into registration.

This is the new Link to use – https://account.fencing.assemblesports.io/login

When you select ‘View’ under your name, there will be some extra questions to answer, the first time you use the system.  The sections will not autofill, so you have to type in the missing information.
Once you have done this you will be able to select ‘Register’
In ‘Register’ you will be able to Search for the Product you wish to register for.
If you want to see everything, just hit the Search Icon, however, if you just want to see Memberships, type Membership, or Upgrade.
If you want to enter an Event, you can put in the Weapon – ‘Epee’, or the Level – Veteran, U20, Novice, etc.

When you have found the event or membership you wish to purchase, the ‘i’ symbol, next to ‘Membership Required ‘, will tell you what membership is required and give you a link to purchase that membership, if you do not already have it.

If you have any issues logging in, or using the system, please take a screen shot and send it to me, with a description of your issue.  This is a new system and all feedback is important.  We expect some issues, so we ask that you bear with us.  Once you have got into the new system the first time, it is easier to use and a more user friendly process than the current system.

Online Member Affiliation 2022

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Category 1 & 2 Competitions Portal.

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