Thank You – To All Our Volunteers

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Did you know?  FV, like most associations, relies on volunteers to make everything happen? Often Volunteers go unnoticed and unrecognised. Fencing Victoria values ALL our volunteers, from those in the background, who quietly go about making sure the first aid kits are stocked, and ready for use, to making coffees, cooking BBQ’s and serving food to hungry fencers. There are also those who do weapons control checks, and technical operations, ensuring the equipment functions correctly and meets required standards. Also, don’t forget the board members, who among other things, dot i’s and cross t’s and deal with the day to day running of our State Association.  All these people MAKE IT HAPPEN! Recently FV hosted AFC#4, and again we had a great turnout of people to make it all happen.  Thanks to ed chiu photo IG @vaierism & Jenny Shaw for the photos.



Please join us in thanking ALL our volunteers, the ones you see and the ones you don’t.  We couldn’t do it without you!   

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