Buy & Sell Used Fencing Gear

This page is for FV Members to Buy and Sell their gear, that either no longer fits, or is no longer needed.  If gear is not suitable for use, please do not post, or if you do, state that it is un-useable in it’s current state.

The page works by those with gear to sell, contacting, with a picture, description and price wanted for their gear.  They are to provide contact details for interested buyers to use to contact them.  Fencing Victoria does not take any part in the sale, other than putting the gear on this page, for which there is a $2.00 Administrative Fee which can be paid via the following  link – Click Here .

Please Note – These transactions are purely between seller and buyer, we are just acting as a conduit for the sale.

For Sale

Item Condition
Uhlmann Fencing Backpack.  2 Sections, + inner zip pocket.  Bag can readily accommodate 2 weapons Used, but in reasonably good condition.  All zips work
Price – 

$22.50 + $12.50 postage


Contact –


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