Fencing Victoria Merchandise

Below is a list of merchandise that can be purchase via the following link – (Click Here

When you have made your purchase, please forward size required to GeneralManager@fencingvictoria.org

  Current List of Fencing Victoria Merchandise  
FV Clothing Eureka Jackets – Children’s Sizes 8,10, 12 60
FV Clothing FV Rugby Tops 85
FV Clothing FV badge (Back Arm Badge) 13
FV Clothing FV Shorts 60
FV Clothing FV T-Shirt, Shorts Pack 120
FV Clothing FV Training Singlet – BLK 60
FV Clothing FV Track Pants 85
FV Clothing FV Training T-Shirt – BLK 70
FV Clothing FV Training T-Shirts – 2-pack 120
FV Clothing Referee Shirts 75
FV Clothing Fencing Victoria Socks – embroidered FV on each leg 35

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