For Beginners and Children

This page has been designed for those people – adults, children, parents – who would like to try the sport of fencing.  It contains a number of helpful links to various information on the web and on this site where you can take the next steps.

For Everyone

If you are looking for some basic information about the sport of fencing, there is some good information at this site here, or on Wikipedia.

For Parents

Victoria has an extensive fencing in schools education program.  Many secondary and primary school children who are taught an introductory fencing course in school would like to take it further but don’t know how.  The next step is to find a club close to where you live.  Many of the clubs around Melbourne have group lessons for children on Saturdays and during weeknights.  A list of the “star rated” clubs can be found on the right-hand side of this web page.

A great guide for parents can be found at this site here.

For Children

Books about fencing are not generally found at book stores, although your local library may have a couple.  “Learning Fencing” by Berndt and Katrin Barth can be ordered from local booksellers, and from Amazon, and is suitable for primary school-aged children.

A free computer fencing game called “Blade Master” can be downloaded from this link.

For Adult Beginners

A number of clubs have adult beginner classes.  These are well-paced, unintimidating, skills and fitness oriented sessions for adults from 20 to 70.  It is never “too late” to start fencing – beginners from classes over the last 3 years have competed in Asia-Pacific Master Games, Commonwealth Veterans (50+) Championships, State and National competitions.

Equipment Requirements

There is all sorts of equipment of varying types that fencing requires.  Some information about the equipment required at various stages can be downloaded below.

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