Governance Documents

Rules for Fencing Victoria Incorporated – FV rules ca 2021

Approved by Fencing Victoria Council November 2015

2019 AGM – 20th April 2020, Documents

2019 Advisory Council Meeting – Tuesday the 17th September

Minutes of the Advisory Council Meeting held Tuesday the 17th September 2019

Annual General Meeting for the Year 2016

Attached are documents from the AGM held 25th May 2107more

2016 FV Advisory Council Minutes – 7th September

David Hubbard (SFA Fencing Club) agreed to take minutes for this meeting.more

2016 FV Advisory Council Agenda – 7th September


2016 FV Advisory Council Meeting – 8th March

Minutes of Meeting 8/3/2016more

2016 AGM Documents

Documents relevant to the 2016 AGM held 23rd June 2016more

2016 Fencing Victoria Advisory Council Agenda – 8th March


Proxy Voting Forms 2015


2015 Fencing Victoria AGM – 27th May 2015

Reports from President and Finance and 2014 FV Financial Statementsmore

2015 Fencing Victoria Council Meeting 25th February


Reciprocal State Black Card Policy

as passed by unanimous vote at Council Meeting 25 February 2015more

2014 Fencing Victoria Council Meeting – 2nd December


2015 Constitution Review Reading Documents

Background Reading Documents for Constitution Review Meeting 22nd February more

2014 Fencing Victoria Council Meeting – 27th August


2014 Fencing Victoria SGM – 28th May


2014 Fencing Victoria AGM – 28th May

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