List of Fencing Victoria Clubs

Here is a list of places to enjoy the sport of fencing within Victoria. Scroll down to see a description of each Club and their contact details.

Fencing Victoria works on a Star Club Rating System. A list of Clubs and their Rating Level can be found here

The “Star” system is the Fencing Victoria club accreditation system – a higher number of stars indicates a higher level of structured programs, professional development, coaching, etc. The level of a Club is denoted by the * after their name. (No Star means they do not participate in the system) Further details can be found (here)

Inner City – (Click Here)

CrossXswords – Carlton ***
Dragons – Nth Melbourne **
Melbourne University Fencing Club  – Melbourne*
Rogue Fencing Melbourne – Richmond
Spatha Fencing Club – St Kilda *
Sword Fights Australia – Nth Melbourne **
VRI Fencing Club- Richmond ***
Victorian Fencing Academy – Nth Melbourne **

Eastern Suburb Clubs (Click Here)
BlacklordsFencing Club – East Burwood ***
Melbourne Fencing Centre – Kew
Victorian Fencing Academy – Box Hill **
Whitehorse Chevaliers Fencing Club – Nunawading, Mitcham and Olinda ***
South/Eastern Suburbs – (Click Here)
Fioretto Fencing Club – Oackleigh **
Monash University Fencing Club – Oakliegh *
Olympia Fencing Club – Oakleigh *
Sword Fights Australia – Brighton & Narre Warren **
Tizona Fencing Club – Notting Hill **
South/Western Suburbs – (Click Here)
Geelong Fencing Club – Geelong **
Northern Suburbs – (Click Here)
La Trobe University Fencing Club – Bundoora **

Outer North/West  – See CrossXswords (Here)
CrossXswords  – Bendigo

Southern Suburbs – (Click Here)
Phoenix Fencing Club – Patterson Lakes **
Touche Fencing Club – Mount Martha *
Western Suburbs – (Click Here)
Western Swords Fencing Club *

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