Online Affiliation – 2021 FV Membership

Online Member Affiliation – All Levels

Please Select your Club below and then click on the link to pay your Affiliation.

Blacklords Fencing Club – (Click)
CrossXswords – (Click)
Dragons Fencing Club – (Click)
Fioretto Fencing Club – (Click)
Geelong Fencing Club – (Click)
Latrobe University Fencing Club – (Click)
Melbourne Fencing Centre – (Click)
Melbourne University Fencing Club – (Click)
Monash University Fencing Club – (Click)
Olympia Fencing Club – (Click)
Phoenix Fencing Academy – (Click)
Rogue Fencing Melbourne – (Click)
Spatha Fencing Club – (Click)
Sword Fighters Australia – (Click)
Tizona Fencing Club – (Click)
Touche Fencing Club – (Click)
Victorian Fencing Academy – (Click)
VRI Fencing Club – (Click)
Western Swords – (Click)
Whitehorse Chevaliers Fencing Club – (Click)

Other – School Fencers who have not paid membership through their School – (Click)

Please use Google Chrome to access the link.  Once you are in the portal you can choose from –

Club/School Affiliation – This allows the fencer to enter all Category 2 Fencing Victoria Competitions if the meet the requirements. These include Novice, B-Grade, Veteran and Varsity Competitions.

Fully Affiliated Fencer – This allows the fencer to enter all Fencing Victoria Competitions, either Category 1 or 2, and National Level Competitions, if they meet the requirements.  Club/School Affiliation will also be charged with this purchase.  You then have a choice of Junior (U20) or Senior Level Full Affiliation.

Coach Affiliation – Club/School Affiliation will also be charged with this purchase. All coaches must also complete their AFF Coach Re-Accreditation on the AFF Portal to be recognised as a qualified Coach for 2021.

*Please note that the whole family can now log in from the one email and password.  Select ‘Myself’ for the Primary user and then ‘Someone else’ for each of the following memberships and fill in their data.  This means the whole family can now log in with the one password and do all their transactions within the one log-in.

If you have any problem registering please contact

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