SFC Covid 19 Procedures – FAQ’s

Social Distancing at Work

Please Read the following SFC Covid – 19 Protocol when using the Centre. It is essential that you follow these Covid Safe measures –

  • Remember to check in with QR Codes at Buliding Entry and at SFC Entry.
  • Please Note – No one is allowed in any City of Melbourne building without proof of Vaccination. Make sure you have proof, either on your phones, or in hard copy form, whenever you wish to gain access to the building. The Recreation Centre will have someone in the foyer checking for Proof of Vaccination. All participants aged 12 years and 2 months and older, must be fully vaccinated to attend the Centre, unless a medical exception applies
  • Be aware that there are entry and exit points for the building now when you arrive. For the building, entry is the Arden St doors, exit is the back door (oval side). For the State Fencing Centre itself – entry is via the double doors closest to the stairs, exit is the door on the other side of the bleachers (closest to the storeroom
  • These sessions will run under strict guidelines for social distancing and hygiene. There will be markers on the bleachers to remind you about where you can sit and remain the required distance apart, this also applies to your bags.
  • All gear must be stowed in your fencing bag and not left on the bleachers, or the floor – this includes jackets and Masks.
  • There will be hand santiser for you to use when you enter and during the sessions when required, and before you leave. The Centre MUST be kept clean by all.
  • You are expected to wear a mask indoors, but not during exercise. Coaches may also be maskless during training. Where practicable, mask wearing is encouraged, however, we realise that this is not viable during the (according to the VIS) ‘huffing and puffing’ stage of exercise.
  • It is expected that coaches and fencers will continue to clean any high touch surfaces in between groups or users.

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