SFC Covid 19 Procedures – FAQ’s

Social Distancing at Work

FAQ’s – Fencing Victoria Return to Sport.

Q. When I arrive at the centre, can I just go in?
A. No. You must wait outside the centre and be temperature checked before you go in.

Q. What does “Arriving to train” mean?
A. By definition, it means you arrive wearing breeches, socks and a tracksuit top. You must be socially distancing at
all times. Your tracksuit top must go into your gym bag before you put on your plastron and jacket. They cannot be
placed on the bleachers or the floor. You may change your shoes and put them in your bag. It is a good idea to think
about how you pack your bag before you arrive, and think of the sequence you need to do to get ready.
Your bag must be zipped while you are in the centre, containing all your things.

Q. Can I put my mask on the floor or bleachers?
A. No. You must carry it at all times, or place it on top of your zipped bag, if resting.

Q. Can I lay down on the bleachers?
A. No. This is not advisable. Sitting allows for maximum social distancing and minimises your footprint. Additionally,
if the bleachers were not adequately disinfected in the previous session, you could be increasing your risk, or the
risks to the next fencer occupying the space.

Q. Can I just enter the centre as per normal?
A. No. The admission process is specific. It is outlined in the guidelines. The coach (or nominated responsible
person) will admit you and do your temp check. You can then sanitise your hands and enter the facility, being ready
to fence.

Q. If only 20 fencers can attend, what if I am the 21st?
A. Your coach should be coordinating and confirming numbers in attendance with FV. If you are the 21st, you are
effectively unable to enter. You must either leave or wait outside the door for someone to leave. If your Coach is
running late, you cannot sit and wait inside the Centre, if there are already 20 fencers inside, you must wait outside
the door.

Q. Can I attend if I am late?
A. This flexibility is up to the coaches’ discretion. As a rule of thumb, you would not be included if you are outside
the window of time given for arrival.

Q. I stretch on the floor. Is this acceptable?
A. It is acceptable to stretch on the floor. It is also expected that you immediately spray disinfectant on the area that
you have occupied, for the next fencer who may occupy the space.

Q. Can I leave my things next to my bag?
A. No. Everything must be contained in your bag which must be zipped up when not being accessed. This is to
minimise the footprint you leave, and the risk to you, and others who will occupy the space in the future.

Q. Can I huddle with friends?
A. You must maintain the 1.5 metre distance required for social distancing at all times. This means no hugging,
handshakes or touching of any kind. Bouts will finish with a salute and a bow.

Q. Can I loan/lend gear to other fencers?
A. While the Covid-19 restrictions are in place, no gear may be shared. If you have forgotten gear, you do not fence.

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