State Cups

In 2011, a series of State Cups was introduced.  While Victoria has many elite fencers who compete at the highest levels nationally and internationally, Fencing Victoria has implemented a system which gives appropriate recognition to those athletes who demonstrate great commitment to state competition and consistently perform well at this level. The State Cups fulfil this purpose.  There are four State Cups, being:

Each State Cup is awarded to the fencer who accumulates the highest number of State Cup ranking points in their category each calendar year.  The State Cup is a cross-gender and cross-weapon award, in that each category only has one State Cup, which may be won by a competitor in any weapon.  State Cup ranking points are awarded for all eligible competitions, and are calculated as follows:

1st: 10 points              5th – 8th: 4 points
2nd: 8 points               9th – 16th: 2 points
3rd: 6 points                17th – 32nd: 1 point
4th: 5 points                33rd – 64th: 0.5 points
(No points are awarded for 65th place or lower.)

Points gained in a “B Tableau”, an “Ungraded” competition, or a “B-Grade” competition count as if they were ninth (9th) place or lower (e.g. first place in an Ungraded competition would earn two (2) points).  Where a “Mixed” competition is held, ranking points will be awarded on overall position. For example, in an event with three women and nine men, and the women finished overall second, third, and ninth, they would be awarded (respectively) 8, 6, and 2 points.

Points are doubled for State Championships.  State Cup points are only earned for events that appear on the Fencing Victoria calendar in the relevant State Cup category.  This means that no points are earned for out-of-class competitions, National / International competitions, or competitions held outside Victoria (except the Canberra Day events).

In the event of a tie on points, a State Cup will go to the fencer who has attended the most number of competitions in their State Cup category.  If there is still a tie, all tied fencers will fence off for the title in a pool unique to 15 hits (10 hits for Under-11s or Veterans).  Cross-weapon ties will be resolved by the FV Executive in a transparent process.

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