Saturday Epee Squad Competition Training

Weekly Epee Competition

In order to give fencers some in-competition training, an informal competition takes place each Saturday morning as part of the Epee Squad session.


The first round of the competition is run as pools (usually 6-8 fencers per pool).  At the conclusion of the pools, each fencer is given a ranking based on the number of bouts won, lost, and the hits in each bout.  Then there is an “exhaustive” direct elimination, where bouts of 15 hits are fenced.  However, in distinction to a regular direct elimination, losing fencers compete against other losing fencers to regain placings.  This happens successively until all places have been fenced off.  Typically, this will mean that each fencer has up to five fifteen-hit bouts in the second round.


$26.00 per Single Session, or included in Quarter Squad Fees – See Fee Structure Below

$250 per quarter (2 sessions per week) – Wednesday Technical Training & Saturday Competition Training
$175 per quarter (1 session per week) – Either Wednesday Technical Training or Saturday Competition Training
$26 for a single session – Any session – Wednesday or Saturday Training

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