Upcoming Referee Seminars & Beginner Referee Sessions

Refereeing Seminars: Open to all. Please contact Victoria at headreferee@fencingvictoria.org for more information.

We are going to have a little break from the refereeing sessions for a while. But when we get back the following three refereeing seminars will be a “bring your hits session.” Each person has to bring one or two hits (or more!) to the seminar which you want explained. If you have ever been watching a bout and haven’t understood the referees call, save the YouTube link and time of the hit and send it to me (I will do the editing of the hits) and I will put them up on lark for everyone to view beforehand. Please send the link and time stamp to me at least 1 week before the seminar (if not earlier) so I can sort out any technical difficulties.

The “bring your own hit” refereeing sessions will be held on Thursday’s from 5-6pm on the following dates:

Epee seminar: 8th October (send videos in by the 1st October)
Sabre seminar: 22nd October (send videos in by the 15th October)
Foil seminar: 5th November (send videos in by the 29th October)

The purpose of these seminars is to let me know what you guys don’t know and what I should be concentrating on in later seminars.
Please let me know if you have any questions or queries.


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