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2021 Category 1 (State) Competitions – Click

2021 State Epee, Foil & Sabre Squad, Category 2 Competitions and Courses Portal – Click

2021 Interstate and International Fencers Entry to FV Competitions – Click


Notes on competition entry :

  • Category 1 competitions (Open and U15/17/20 State Comps) require full FV affiliation, or equivalent from other states.
  • Category 2 competitions (Veteran, Novice, B-Grade, junior comps) require club/school level affiliation.
  • Interstate and International Fencers must be Affiliated with their Home State/National Federation.  The organisation they are affiliated with must be recognised by the FIE.

Referee Requirements :

  • For those competitions where referees are used (Novice, B-Grade & age based), your club has an obligation to make available referees as per the policy here
  • Your entry into these competitions is provisional and subject to referees being provided by your club.
  • Please advise your coach/club co-ordinator of your entry ASAP so they can plan accordingly.

PLEASE NOTE: Competition Entry Closure varies depending on the Category of the Event. 

Category 1 Competition – Entry closure is 7 Days before Event – this may be shortened if the Event is not broadcast.

Category 2 Competition – Entry Closes is 9:00pm the Thursday before the competition is being held.

  • This is to give notice of the cancellation of events that do not have sufficient fencers and to arrange sufficient officials.
  • Competitions *may* offer late entry (with surcharge) if there is sufficient space and officials, but this is not guaranteed.

The Fencing Victoria transaction system uses National Australia Bank as the on-line payment gateway. It accepts Visa or Mastercard only as the online payment method.

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