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Please access the Competition Entry via the following Portal –

Please Note: In 2022 we have a new system for Registration
To use the new system to register for a Competition or Membership, use the link below, enter your email address and select Forgot Password.  Make sure the email address you use to log in with, is the same email address you are using in the current GameDay system, as all details are linked under that email address.  You will then be able to set a password for the new system and go into registration.

This is the new Link to use –

When you select ‘View’ under your name, there will be some extra questions to answer, the first time you use the system.  The sections will not autofill, so you have to type in the missing information.
Once you have done this you will be able to select ‘Register’
In ‘Register’ you will be able to Search for the Product you wish to register for.
If you want to see everything, just hit the Search Icon, however, if you just want to see Memberships, type Membership, or Upgrade.
If you want to enter an Event, you can put in the Weapon – ‘Epee’, or the Level – Veteran, U20, School, Novice, etc.

When you have found the event or membership you wish to purchase, the ‘i’ symbol, next to ‘Membership Required ‘, will tell you what membership is required and give you a link to purchase that membership, if you do not already have it.

If you have any issues logging in, or using the system, please take a screen shot and send it to me, with a description of your issue.  This is a new system and all feedback is important.  We expect some issues, so we ask that you bear with us.  Once you have got into the new system the first time, it is easier to use and a more user friendly process than the current system.

Notes on competition entry :

  • Category 1 competitions (Open and U15/17/20 State Comps) require full FV affiliation, or equivalent from other states.
  • Category 2 competitions (Veteran, Novice, B-Grade, junior comps) require club/school level affiliation.
  • Interstate and International Fencers must be Affiliated with their Home State/National Federation.  The organisation they are affiliated with must be recognised by the FIE.

Referee Requirements :

  • For those competitions where referees are used (Novice, B-Grade & age based), your club has an obligation to make available referees as per the policy here
  • Your entry into these competitions is provisional and subject to referees being provided by your club.
  • Please advise your coach/club co-ordinator of your entry ASAP so they can plan accordingly.

PLEASE NOTE: Competition Entry Closure varies depending on the Category of the Event. 

Category 1 Competition – Entry closure is 7 Days before Event – this may be shortened if the Event is not broadcast.

Category 2 Competition – Entry Closes is 9:00pm the Thursday before the competition is being held.

  • This is to give notice of the cancellation of events that do not have sufficient fencers and to arrange sufficient officials.
  • Competitions *may* offer late entry (with surcharge) if there is sufficient space and officials, but this is not guaranteed.

The Fencing Victoria transaction system uses National Australia Bank as the on-line payment gateway. It accepts Visa or Mastercard only as the online payment method.

Online Member Affiliation 2022

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Category 1 & 2 Competitions Portal.

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